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                      发布于 2018年9月21日
                      Recom announces further expansion in its production capacity via a series of activities at its existing and new European manufacturing sites.

                      "We have reached the strategic decision to keep investing in Europe, traditionally marked by high-quality and stringent production. With increased automation of manufacturing processes and advanced planning technology we can offer European-made panels at today's internationally competitive market prices. It was a combination of these factors that have led us to the decision of adding 1GW of added capacity in Europe all within the next 8 months," said Hamlet Tunyan, Co-Founder and CEO of Recom. "The expansion of our Recom Sillia facility to 300MW in France will be completed until the end of this year. It will ensure that we can respond quickly to the growing demand for high quality and domestically-produced panels with low-carbon footprint. Recom Sillia will become the largest solar module manufacturer in France offering advanced technology, reliability, durability, local production with fast deliveries of modules produced under the greatest care for environmental protection and our planet's future," continued Tunyan. "At the same time, our new facility in Armenia coming online soon with a total capacity of 700MW in cells and modules will serve other markets, such as USA, Middle East and EU, which are also driven by the need for superior standards of quality and a long-lasting product dedicated to the reduction of environmental pollution."

                      "We are glad that the European PV manufacturer, Recom, is coming to Armenia to produce solar modules and cells. The government gives great importance to the Recom project, which could reinforce our vision of becoming a vibrant part of global clean energy production as well as improving our environment and the life of our citizens," said Arsen Gasparyan, Senior Advisor to the Prime Minister of Armenia.


                      RECOM (太阳能电池组件): http://www.xyoc.tw/directory/panel/21351

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