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                      Enel Green Power动工建设西班牙84.7兆瓦光伏电站

                      发布于 2018年9月21日
                      Enel Green Power 
                      Enel Green Power Espa?a has begun the construction of the 84.7MW Totana solar photovoltaic facility in Spain. The overall investment in the construction of the facility amounts to approximately 59 million euros.

                      "With the Totana solar PV project, the Group confirms its commitment to further strengthening Spain's generation mix, bringing the country closer to its renewable goals," said Antonio Cammisecra, Enel's Head of Global Renewable Energy business line, Enel Green Power. "Our operations in Spain have allowed us to establish a significant presence in this important and competitive market, where we will continue to deploy our sustainable leadership."


                      Enel Green Power (光伏系统安装): http://www.xyoc.tw/directory/installer/13477

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